Homemade oat milk

This is one of the first milks that I attempted to make a couple of years ago when I first started having tummy problems. I found I could tolerate carton oat milk quite well and started getting through more and more as I was using it for more than just breakfast. the beauty of this milk is that I doesn’t require and fancy equipment, I have even made it without a blender. Continue reading


Resturant review: Ye Olde Saracens Head

My boyfriends family were stopping off on their trip up to the Lake District. The plan was to go to somewhere close to where he works so that he could meet us there straight after work, so this pub in Balsall Heath was chosen. I checked out their website before visiting and found they had a proper pizza oven, which always gives a restaurant a few brownie points in my opinion! Continue reading

Restaurant review: Boo Boo Coffee

We went here a few weeks ago, the morning after my boyfriends parents had stayed the night nearby on during their travels up north. Originally we were going to go to a pub in Harbourne, which I had visited previously. However after checking the opening times online and arriving five minutes before they were due to open, we waited for over 20 minutes and the staff inside clearly had no intention of wanting to actually work and didn’t bother to open the pub. So we decided to take a stroll and see what we could find. That was how we came across Boo Boo Coffee. Continue reading

Blackberry jam

It’s that time of year again where we start seeing little jewels appearing on what appears to be an overgrown mess of a plant. I’m talking about blackberries, sometimes known as bramble berries. They can be found in an abundance of places even in cities, you just have to looks for a patch of land that isn’t well preened, even on concrete you can find them lurking in the corners. Continue reading

Newbie to gluten free bread making

As part of plastic free July I decided to try making my own bread. I have made many loaves of bread before but this is the first time I tried a gluten free loaf that wasn’t a pre-packaged mix, of which I have always found tasted horrible anyway. Bread has been on my list of things to try for a while but I kept putting it off because I was scared about the thought of no elasticity and also because xanthan gum had a scary sounding name. Continue reading

Plastic free July: what is it and why I’m taking part

I thought I was pretty savvy with my waste, I recycle as much as I can: glass, plastic bottles, paper, tins. I even go out of my way to recycle old clothes, books and batteries. Until recently I came across #plasticfreejuly, and as with anything new, I started doing some reading. Take a look at your un-recyclable objects before you throw them away and you will soon start seeing that the same items comes up time and time again. Everything comes in so much  unnecessary packaging, sometimes an object will come in a plastic container and the whole container will be wrapped in further plastic wrap! And even though you may do your best to recycle this plastic, it more often gets down-cycled or made into a lower grade plastic product which then cannot be recycled. At least with glass and metal recycling they can pretty much be remade into a similar object.
Continue reading

Strawberry and banana milkshake

If there is one thing I have noticed since generally eating low FODMAP is that I often find I’m lacking in one major food group. Sure its easy to get carbohydrates in what with potatoes, rice, [insert starchy carb of your choice here]. And fruit and veg aren’t difficult either. Even though many are off limits I generally have two portions of fruit throughout the day, and three veg spread over lunch and dinner. Even dairy is do-able with cheese and butter being allowed. Oddly the one food group that is pretty much limitless is the one that I lack in: protein. Continue reading

Chocolate Wagon Wheels

I’ve been wanting to make these for aaages, and I had leftover marshmallows from rocky road so finally decided this was the best way to use them up. This is a Quick and simple recipe, but be prepared to get messy! If you don’t like getting your hands dirty then this one isn’t for you, but would be great fun to make with kids. Continue reading

Restaurant review: Stable Pizza

I realise that I haven’t written anything in quite a while, however I am now dedicating my Sundays to creativity as part of self-care Sunday. For those of you unaware of what ‘self-care’ is, it it time that you dedicate purely to doing whatever you need to recharge your batteries. Whether this is going out and exercising, taking a nice long bath with a book, or binge watching a box-set of TV shows; and is different for everyone so you have to find what works for YOU. For me self-care is about having no obligations (to myself or others) and just doing whatever I want, which usually involves watching Sunday Brunch, spending time cooking/baking, or sewing. But I am now adding to add writing to that list! Continue reading