Exploring Nottingham and first eatery review

So I have moved to Nottingham. Okay so technically I moved on Saturday, but I only got round to exploring the city yesterday (which I must say has some very nice places tucked away up the alleys).


There are some truly stunning buildings in the city

I started off in the creative quarter with the intention of wandering round and then getting some lunch from a recommended tea room. However, as per usual this didn’t go to plan. I wandered into the tea room, who did have a very impressive range of teas which you could buy to take home, only to discover they only had sandwiches which was not really an option for me. With little idea of where I was going, I continued to wander and explore some more shops and did find some very good charity shops which sold vintage(ish) items that had been hand selected rather than all the usual bric-a-brac in normal charity shops.


There are some truly stunning buildings in the city

It was getting later and I was starting to get even more lost and feeling like I was about to keel over from lack of food (my body doesn’t respond well to an empty stomach) so I stopped on a narrow street only to discover a shop to my right called Debbie Bryan. In I went with nothing to lose to discover they had not one, but three (three!) menus in the porch: normal, vegan, and (I was finally saved) gluten-free. That was me finally sorted, so I went in plonked myself down and ordered some food and a pot of tea lemon and ginger tea.


There are some truly stunning buildings in the city

The ciabatta was really good and didn’t have the usual chewy texture of some of the lower end gluten-free breads and was a decent size. In hindsight I should have opted for a sauce (the option was mustard which I don’t particularly like) in the sandwich but I’m not overly fussed. The room was quiet with some light background music, and the room had multiple blackboards advertising their craft days and also had handmade items on the shelves around the room for sale with everything from jam to lace (this is Lace Market after all). I also noticed on one of the boards was #TreatTuesday where they were offering free cake, and after casting my eyes over the multiple cakes on display on their glass cake stands I thought it was most likely to good to be true, but hey, I had nothing to lose right?


There are some truly stunning buildings in the city

When the lady came over to ask if I would like some free cake I asked, and was pleasantly surprised; I could choose from gf chocolate fudge cake, vegan gf citrus (possibly lemon, although I am not 100% sure), or vegan gf cherry chocolate flapjacks. Now anyone who knows me, know that I do have a soft spot for flapjacks although I do have to be careful with consuming large quantities of oats*.

Good points: had decent selection of food to choose from and they were happy to accommodate for intolerances. Nice atmosphere and very quiet. Have free cake on Tuesdays!

Things to consider: can be tricky to find if you don’t know the area (I stumbled upon it by chance)

Recommend to a friend: most definitely if you are in the area and want something a bit more upmarket than a standard ‘cheese’ sandwich. They also do pies

You can find Debbie Bryan on Twitter @DebbieBryanShop

*Please note I am not ceoliac and therefore am unaware if the oats, chocolate and other ingredients are free from all traces of gluten