Things I love this month- July

This month has been pretty hectic what with starting a new job and falling into a daily routine. It took a while for my body to get used to the 5:30am starts but now I’m awake before my alarm and I quite literally jump out of bed as I love going to work. Anyway on with last months list!

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The half naked burrito

Everywhere I seem to go people seem to be eating burritos and there are an abundance of burrito ‘bars’ in Nottingham. This was making me jealous I wanted one, however if I see something I really want to eat I will generally try and make it (mostly through experimentation) rather than buy. It’s just a lot more enjoyable to eat and you can really play around with the flavours. It also seems to be becoming more difficult to buy corn wraps as opposed to the flour ones, which have a much nicer flavour. Hence I give to the half naked burrito- it’s without the wrap but ‘wrapped’ in a juicy sweet pepper. Continue reading

Resurant review: Meating

I visited this place a couple of weeks ago after returning to Birmingham for my boyfriend’s graduation ceremony. I found the resturant via Independent Birmingham, a group of listed places in the city that are independently owned and have been accepted onto the list, so knew that it was going to be of a good standard as my favourite bar is also on there. After viewing the menu I contacted them to ask about gluten free options and other information, as although there was steak and chicken on the menu I have my eye on the PB and jelly burger. They told me that they did have gluten free buns (wooo) and all of their burgers are made of pure good quality beef, so no onion or breadcrumbs.

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Side dish: Three spice cubeies 

The IBS Network did an article on spices and the gut yesterday which stated that although chilli can be an issue for sensitive stomachs, other spices such as cumin, tumeric and ginger can have a soothing effect. So hello spices and goodbye bland food! Herbs and spices are my saviour, as cooking without onion and garlic can often make you feel like something is missing from a dish. Continue reading

3 variations on sponge cake

I realise I have been a bit on the quiet side recently. That appears to be adult life: busy! I started writing this post a while ago but was waiting for the opportunity to complete it and it turns out that birthday cake is the perfect excuse.

I bought three packets of Delicious Alchemy gluten-free sponge mix a while a go at the Three Counties Show in Malvern. The lady on the stand told me that these were versatile and you could add in flavours so that you weren’t just making a Victoria sponge cake, and at 3 for £5 I didn’t need any more convincing. I finally got round to using the last packet up last week and decided to make a classic sponge cake for my birthday. Continue reading