What’s new in my shopping basket this week

After performing my meal plan and going to the shops to purchase my consumables over the last two days, I realised I had quite a few new items that I haven’t tried before and got really excited. Okay if I am completely honest not all of them were on my shopping list but I did need snacks to fill in the gaps between meals as I get hungry about every three hours regardless of  how much I eat (I have a bit of a bizarre metabolism going on at the moment, and I don’t recall being like this even when I use to swim competitively six days a week). Whats new consisted of:

  • Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes: I have had my eyes on these for a while, but when I’ve had supermarket own brand rice cakes they never last long as I eat them so quickly. But these were only £1 so I wasn’t breaking the bank too much even if they were only two servings.


    My snack haul for the next week or so

  • Banana chips: yoghurt coated banana chips are something I recently noticed being sold in shops. However, picking them up to look at the ingredients I was mortified to find out how much sugar was in a serving, and how small one serving was! I have decided to try to create my own with coconut or lactose free yoghurt, although I am unsure how to get the yoghurt to dry to become hard. Failing this i will just use the yoghurt as a dip and dunk the bananas in.


  • Heidi mint and lemon chocolate: there is a bit of a theme going on here..but I don’t consume large quantities of chocolate..honest! I tried the Heidi dark chocolate a few weeks ago and found that it tasted like a really premium chocolate but without the extortionate price tag, at only £1.15, compared with others in the supermarkets. Generally when you have chocolate like this you feel satisfied after two squares, and I thought it seemed like an interesting combination of flavours.


  • Crackers: after a quick google when I got home, I discovered that Gullon are a Spanish company  which specialise in sugar-free biscuits and I vaguely recall recently seeing their packaging somewhere in the UK. I actually found these after going into Poudland looking for Nairns oatcakes, only to come out disappointed, and walked into Poundworld thinking I had nothing to lose, even though I knew my chances were zero to none. I am a bit of a pound shop snob generally if its anything other than Poudland I refuse to go in, which I know is ridiculous because everything is the same price! These crackers were sat there on the shelf looking very interesting, and the fact that they were corn-based prompted me to buy them, as pretty every carb product I eat is potato or rice based (I even buy rice pasta but that is because I’m not big fan of the corn pasta). They taste pretty authentic compared to their gluten filled relative which they are clearly meant to represent, I even questioned whether they had been put in the wrong box. I will definitely be purchasing these again, especially seeing as they are cheaper than their gluten cousin.



Excited about tomorrow’s breakfast!


  • Oatibix: finally I got round to buying some! It’s mainly part of my Coco Pop rehab (I have become a bit addicted to them) and part of that was having an alternative in the house so I could have some fruit with my breakfast. I stopped eating oats for a couple of months after being diagnosed as I was having a bad reaction to them, so had to stop eating porridge which I loved at the time. However, recently I have been trying them again and seem to be okay with oatcakes, but it is the wrong time of year to be eating hot stodgy breakfasts so this was the alternative. Apparently, as a child I used to love banana Weetabix, I’m pretty sure there are photos of me in my high chair and my head is covered in it,  so hopefully these should be a good alternative.


  • Koko Coconut yoghurt: this has been on my list to try for a long time, but I have been unable to find anywhere that stocks it. As someone who is unable to tolerate soy yoghurt (the most common alternative on the market) I was limited to coconut, lactose free or buying enzymes off the internet and making my own. I was so excited to get my hands on this and it has a really tangy taste which I like. When you eat it is initially tastes of the sourness of standard greek yoghurt but then this is followed by a mellow coconuty aftertaste.


Have you tried any good new product recently, I’d love to hear. Let me know by commenting below.





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