Resturant review: The King’s Head

I recently visited this place when visiting my boyfriend down in Kent after he recommended, it saying that they had “the best burger ever”. It’s a small, and when I say small I mean cosy, pub on the seafront in Deal that has a nice family run atmosphere. I also quite like the fact that the bar in the middle of the room, and you can be served from either of the four sides.

It says lunch menu but the evening one is almost identical

I order the naked burger and sweet potato fries and he ordered the King’s head burger. I think I’m finally coming out of my “distaste for sweet potato” phase. This happens a lot, I enter a cycle of really enjoying a particular food, eating it almost daily for a few weeks, then get so sick of it that I no longer even like the thought of it. I was gutted when this happened with sweet potatoes because I really like them and they make your plate look so colourful.

Note Sandwich is referring to the town of Sandwich, not lunch time sandwich

Anyway, our food arrived and it smelt great, there was an abundance of chips, and the burgers had that rustic homemade look which I really like. Safe to say we ate the food incredible quickly, resulting in me getting “burger indigestion” even though there was no bun, but neither had room for dessert aftwards. And it was a pretty damn good burger.

Josh requested that I got his food in a picture as well!

There was also a specials board which consited of lots of localy caught fresh fish dishes.

Good points: good atmosphere, cosy friendly pub, good location for a seafront stroll afterwards, VERY GOOD burgers

Things for consideration: does get quite busy on sunny days, location a little bit out of the way.

You can find more information here:

Or find them on Twitter @kingshead deal


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