Tips: How to cut up a pineapple

I have been asked this question a few times, and think people are often put off buying fresh pineapple because they think cutting it up is a lot of hassle. Most recipes that require fresh pineapple can be substituted for tinned and that’s absolutely fine. But there are times you just want fresh pineapple as it is much nicer when just eating it as pineapple, instead of cooking with it. Continue reading


Teriyaki beef

Fakeaway Saturday is definitely becoming a thing for me. I’ve done pizza, Chinese chicken curry and tikka masala. Well all modified versions of these. This week I fancied something a bit healthier and so started to look around for inspiration.

This recipe is inspired by  nutritionist Kate Scarleta who specialises in FODMAPs; a group of sugars that can cause havoc for IBS suffers (blog post to come soon).

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