Favourites of the month: November

I realised its been a while since I have not only completed on of these but also a blog post in general. The last couple of months have just been so busy and because I’ve been busy I haven’t had chance to try anything new. Last month however I did try a couple of new bits and bobs. 

Pai Rosehip Regenerate oil


I got sent this as a free sample last month. It came as a small tube that was supposed to last three weeks as you only need 1 or two drops for your whole face. The orange oil has an interesting smell which you then rub onto freshly cleansed skin at bedtime. It has quite a calming feel and reduced some of my skin redness. Pai is also a brand that specialises in sensitive skin so I knew I was in good hands. The only downside is that to buy the full product is quite expensive, but then if a 10ml tube has lasted me over a month I may be persuaded. You can find it here.

Lavender bedtime spray


I had been wanting some bedtime spray for a long time but hadn’t got round to purchasing any. I happened to come across this one in the H&B penny sale last month and seeing as I was already doing an order I added some to my basket. It is lovely and contains other sleepy scents that compliment each other nicely to help you drift off easily.

Vitamin D spray


As this is my first time since being at school that I have been required to follow a strict routine which involves getting up waay to early and well before sunrise I was finding that it was getting increasingly difficult to get up in the morning even with my sunrise alarm clock. I then came across an article about how a significant number of the population in the UK do not get enough vitamin D and even going outside in the winter may not be enough due to often only the face being exposed to daylight and the lack of intensity of the sun. So along with upping my oily fish intake to three a week I decided that it couldn’t hurt to top up with this. It is a mouth spray and also happens to be peppermint flavour which is quite tasty.

Pip and Nut nut butters


I came home one day to see a box crate of Pip and Nut next to the pigeon holes and thought “wow I need to order myself one of those they look awesome”. Only upon being nosy as to whose this delivery was, I was over the moon to discover it was me, shortly followed by a feeling of confusion that maybe I had ordered these while sleep walking as I couldn’t recall ordering them. Upon opening the box it turned out that I had won them (think it was either a Facebook or Instagram competition). There were six in total including cashew, peanut, almond, and combinations of the previous with other ingredients. They work great with bananas and also are 100% nuts but don’t include the peanut skin which some other brands do (I really dislike peanuts in their skins).

Lush and their Christmas packaging


And last but not least Lush. I went in the other day as I ran out of their cupcake face mask a while ago, but again due to being so busy hadn’t got round to getting some more (I have been on the verge of running out of make up for over a month so have just been saving it for weekends!). Anyway I popped in and couldn’t remember what it was called but knew I would recognise it when I saw it. it also came in a cute paper bag with a dinosaur with a Christmas hat on it. I also watched a vlog today about all of their Christmas products and fee compelled to return there next week! It turns out that their dinosaur on the packaging is a bubble bath on a stick, who knew you could buy bubble bath on a stick?! Sadly I don’t have a bath in my placement house.


I realise that my favourites have not been very food orientated but more well-being related. But with Christmas coming up I’m sure there will be some food posts coming up soon!


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