Restaurant review: Stable Pizza

I realise that I haven’t written anything in quite a while, however I am now dedicating my Sundays to creativity as part of self-care Sunday. For those of you unaware of what ‘self-care’ is, it it time that you dedicate purely to doing whatever you need to recharge your batteries. Whether this is going out and exercising, taking a nice long bath with a book, or binge watching a box-set of TV shows; and is different for everyone so you have to find what works for YOU. For me self-care is about having no obligations (to myself or others) and just doing whatever I want, which usually involves watching Sunday Brunch, spending time cooking/baking, or sewing. But I am now adding to add writing to that list!

I have recently been, well technically I have been recently and not-so-recently, to The Stable pizza restaurant in Bristol. I believe they are located at various places throughout the country, which I did not realise when I originally went. I have been with the boyfriend in February and also a few weeks ago with him and some of his friends for an evening out in Bristol.

The menu has so many pizzas, and also some pies, to choose from with some seasonal options also available. I also like that the names of the pizza are related to the area and that they use some locally sourced ingredients. One pizza had Wookey Hole smoked cheddar cheese. Wookey Hole is a cave located in Somerset not to far from Cheddar (although I think the fact that is was cheddar also was just a coincidence as this is quite a popular cheese nationwide!)

Both times I have been I have had the ‘Clifton Suspender’ which is a chicken, mushroom and sweet red pepper pizza, which I then drizzled some of the chilli oil that was with the other condiments on the table on top. I did have to swap the mozzarella for cheddar , however they were happy to do that for me. They also had lots of different ciders to try if you like alternative beverages, including a cider tasting board. I didn’t try them, however they looked like they offered you a range of flavours and colours.

Overall, this place is good and not to expensive with most of the pizzas being less than £10, which is great if you fancy a cheap meal out.



Good points: great range of things to choose from

They are happy to add/remove toppings at your request

Vegan options are available (note that these are soya based cheeses)


Things to consider: you are seated on benches and therefore may want to take a jacket/coat/pillow to sit on

Pies and puddings do not come in a no gluten option


Recommend to a friend: Yes! Makes a change from pizza express for a tummy friendly pizza. And also has a sort of bar atmosphere in the evening, particularly if you like cider


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