Chocolate Wagon Wheels

I’ve been wanting to make these for aaages, and I had leftover marshmallows from rocky road so finally decided this was the best way to use them up. This is a Quick and simple recipe, but be prepared to get messy! If you don’t like getting your hands dirty then this one isn’t for you, but would be great fun to make with kids.

When I made these, the biscuits I bought were (annoyingly) quite small compared to normal digestive biscuit size, and 150g was just enough chocolate. If yours are bigger or in doubt use 200g of chocolate-you can always eat whats left over!




  • 1 packet of gluten-free digestive biscuits or 16 biscuits
  • 150g-200g of dark/milk chocolate, or use a mixture of both
  • A handful of mini marshmallows
  • 2 spoonfuls of jam (optional)



  1. Turn the grill on to a low heat.
  2. Lay half of the packet of biscuits out on a baking tray. Do this on a worktop close to the grill as you will regret it later when the marshmallows start falling off the biscuits during the transport process.
  3. Place as many marshmallows on top of each biscuit as you can fit. It doesn’t particularly matter is they are stood up or led on their sides so long as they are all relatively level.
  4. Carefully carry the tray and place under the grill for about 2 mins. Keep an eye on them and when they look like the mallows have slightly developed a crust and you can smell a sugary smell take the tray out of the grill. Otherwise they will burn very quickly.
  5. If using jam, spread it onto the leftover half of biscuits
  6. Top marshmallow biscuits with the leftover plain/jam biscuits, being sure to squeeze the two biscuits firmly together to break through the marshmallow crust to  release the molten insides. This helps the biscuits stick together.
  7. Heat the chocolate in a bowl either in the microwave or on the hob, stopping when it looks almost melted and as you stir the last few blobs will melt from the heat.
  8. Dunk the whole wagon wheel into the melted chocolate and flip over with a fork until the whole biscuit is coated, ensuring the gaps between the two digestives are also coated.
  9. Leave to set before eating.


Tip: if melting your chocolate in the microwave do it in either a ceramic or glass bowl instead of plastic. The bowl should heat up before all the chocolate has melted and you can use the residual heat of the bowl to finish melting the chocolate, without risking burning it.


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