Strawberry and banana milkshake

If there is one thing I have noticed since generally eating low FODMAP is that I often find I’m lacking in one major food group. Sure its easy to get carbohydrates in what with potatoes, rice, [insert starchy carb of your choice here]. And fruit and veg aren’t difficult either. Even though many are off limits I generally have two portions of fruit throughout the day, and three veg spread over lunch and dinner. Even dairy is do-able with cheese and butter being allowed. Oddly the one food group that is pretty much limitless is the one that I lack in: protein.

I was finding that I was getting incredibly hungry throughout the day and its all too easy to reach for the flapjacks and chocolate. So I have decided to try and experiment a little with protein and aim to have some form of protein with every meal and my morning/afternoon snacks. Sometimes this just means having peanut butter with your banana, but I have also been trying  out protein powder.

I was originally completely against the idea as I thought I would end up looking  like some crazy body builder, which is completely a myth! And after doing my research I found that so many options contained crazy long ingredients often beginning with ‘fructo’. However, I discovered that there are generally two options for protein powders:

  1. A pre-made powder such that you just add water and it gives you a thick milkshake like drink
  2.  Pure protein powder with nothing added. These are often in the form of whey but vegan ones are available.

I am currently trying a hemp one, and although its not something you’d want to eat by the spoonful from the packet, its not to bad in smoothies. I am yet to try to add it to baking. And with the recent hot weather that we’ve been having in the UK I have very much enjoyed drinking strawberry milkshakes.


Serves 1


  • 1 banana (the riper it is the sweeter the result)
  • 5-6 frozen strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk (any other type with work well)
  • 1 heaped dessert spoon of protein powder (optional)



1. Take the strawberries out of the freezer and leave to defrost slightly for 15 mins, or you could cause damage to the blender

2. Put banana and strawberries in the blender with the milk.  Add the protein powder after the milk or it will get stuck to the bottom of the blender

3. Pour into a glass and serve immediately. Straw is optional.



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