Resturant review: Ye Olde Saracens Head

My boyfriends family were stopping off on their trip up to the Lake District. The plan was to go to somewhere close to where he works so that he could meet us there straight after work, so this pub in Balsall Heath was chosen. I checked out their website before visiting and found they had a proper pizza oven, which always gives a restaurant a few brownie points in my opinion! Continue reading


Homemade pasta

I tried this more for fun than particularly wanting pasta, as a result as I wasn’t expecting it to be overly successful. However it did result in some pasta, and it was edible! Although it wasn’t as straightforward as mix, knead, through the machine and cook. Continue reading

Restaurant review: Boo Boo Coffee

We went here a few weeks ago, the morning after my boyfriends parents had stayed the night nearby on during their travels up north. Originally we were going to go to a pub in Harbourne, which I had visited previously. However after checking the opening times online and arriving five minutes before they were due to open, we waited for over 20 minutes and the staff inside clearly had no intention of wanting to actually work and didn’t bother to open the pub. So we decided to take a stroll and see what we could find. That was how we came across Boo Boo Coffee. Continue reading

Blackberry jam

It’s that time of year again where we start seeing little jewels appearing on what appears to be an overgrown mess of a plant. I’m talking about blackberries, sometimes known as bramble berries. They can be found in an abundance of places even in cities, you just have to looks for a patch of land that isn’t well preened, even on concrete you can find them lurking in the corners. Continue reading