Restaurant review: Boo Boo Coffee

We went here a few weeks ago, the morning after my boyfriends parents had stayed the night nearby on during their travels up north. Originally we were going to go to a pub in Harbourne, which I had visited previously. However after checking the opening times online and arriving five minutes before they were due to open, we waited for over 20 minutes and the staff inside clearly had no intention of wanting to actually work and didn’t bother to open the pub. So we decided to take a stroll and see what we could find. That was how we came across Boo Boo Coffee.

It was located down a side street, off the high street and could have easily been missed if Google maps hadn’t pointed us in their direction. It had a modernist feel to it and there was a lovely looking display of cakes and pastries on the counter as you walked in. There were a couple of people apparently working working with their coffee in there and making the most of the free wifi.

boo boo1

Unfortunately I didn’t see gluten free options (but then I didn’t ask) but as someone who is only intolerant to gluten I was able to order the English breakfast and just offload the toast to everyone else (which I was told tasted a lot like sourdough, so I may have been okay). The breakfast even came with a homemade hash brown/potato patty, and I have since developed a thing for hash browns.

Everyone else ordered the American pancakes which did look amazing- some served with bacon, some with blueberries and yoghurt. All of the food came on those enamel metal plates again, which is clearly the “in” thing to serve food on. The milk that came with the tea came in the cutest little glass bottle I have ever seen, almost like a minute version of the milk bottles that you get when you have a milkman deliver your milk to your house (I thought this was the normal way to get milk until I moved away from the countryside).

boo boo3

Next time I visit I will definitely try one of their freshly made smoothies that they have on offer and maybe go with my laptop if I feel like I want to mix up my working environment a bit.

boo boo2

Good points:

  • Quiet and out of the way, you could go there without being disturbed by others
  • Amazing cakes on display
  • It’s an independent restaurant
  • Huge selection of smoothies to chose from

Things to consider 

  • Fairly small menu

Further details of the coffee shop can be found here

Boo Boo Coffee


Please note that the lighting here was the most “instagrammable”


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