Homemade pasta

I tried this more for fun than particularly wanting pasta, as a result as I wasn’t expecting it to be overly successful. However it did result in some pasta, and it was edible! Although it wasn’t as straightforward as mix, knead, through the machine and cook.

I used this gluten free recipe from Jamie Oliver, which did involve going out and purchasing individual flours and starches and essentially making your own blend of pasta flour. All of the ingredients, however, were easily obtainable and it gave me a chance to try my xanthan gum out on something other than bread.


My arms certainly got a workout during this process, and that was even making the dough in the food processor. Quite often I found that the dough was too thick to go through the largest setting on the pasta machine, so I often had to divide the dough into small balls and roll out as thin as possible with a rolling pin before putting through the machine. Unlike pasta made with wheat, the dough wasn’t very pliable and I was a little bit worried about how it was going to taste at the end, but I persevered.


After rolling half of the dough I decided to turn the sheets into tagliatelle and give up and save the rest of the dough for another day by putting in the freezer. I did manage to get 200g  of fresh tagliatelle; as I know we normally portion 100g for dried pasta but was unsure how this would compare for fresh pasta.


From them on I followed the normal cooking procedure of adding to a pan of boiling water for 3 minutes. I did add a little oil as I know gluten free pasta often sticks together, but I had no issues with the fresh pasta.


I served with homemade low FODMAP basil pesto, which I pretty much made up on the spot using basil, spring onion tops, some nuts, oil and cheese. And topped with diced chicken and some cherry tomatoes. I was pleasantly surprised by the result as the pasta tasted almost identical to that of normal homemade pasta. The texture was not at all chewy or tough, which I dd find a common problem during my early pasta making days (although I still consider myself to be a novice).


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